Carapax Marine Group developes and manufactures bivalve aquaculture equipment under the name SHELLTECH. Focus is on creating customer value in the form of cost efficiency through a high degree of automation. The SHELLTECH systems allow for a minimal labor input which enables a low production cost per kilo of farmed product.

SHELLTECH mussel farming system

The SHELLTECH mussel farming system is a net-based farming system supported by PE-pipes. The PE-pipes in combination with the substrate-nets is the key to providing a stress free environment for the mussels in which they grow fast without the risk of falling of the substrate. The pipes move in a gentle uniform motion with the waves and the horizontal ropes of the net further help retain the mussels on the farming-net. 

The farming substrate is a hand braided polymer net which size and thickness depends on the location of the farm and the farmer's specific preferences. A normal farming unit is between 90-162 meters long, generally 3.5 meters deep, with a net thickness of between 12-18 mm and a mesh size between 75 and 300 mm. Normally the mussel weight at harvesting will be around 200kg per meter net, or the equivalent of 7-8kg mussels per meter net rope substrate.

The SHELLTECH system allows for automated thinning out of the net, automated removal of starfish, automated removal of sea squirts, automated harvesting and automated cleaning of the net ahead of new spat settlement.

Aquaculture financing options

Successful financing of new aquaculture investments is a key component to being able to grow existing farming operations. Carapax Marine Group can help with several different financing options in order to facilitate a planned investment. The CMG Aquaculture Finance and the Swedish Export Credit Cooperation (SEK) are two financing options available to our customers. Contact us for further information.