The HELIX mooring system from Carapax Marine Group enables easy diverless installations of marine screw anchors. The mooring rig is lowered down to the seabed where the helical screw anchor is drilled down hydraulically. The whole installation is done via hydraulic controls and underwater monitors from the deck of the boat so there is no need for divers at any part of the installation.

Anchor design and anchor length is dependent on holding requirements, seabed type and how exposed the site in question is. A typical HELIX anchor has a holding power of between 10 to 50 tones - depending on seabed type.

Many anchoring operations are now moving away from traditional concrete anchors or plow anchors in favor of helical screw anchors. The advantages are many where the main ones beeing their cost efficiency, inability to move from its drilled position, superior holding strength and ease of installation. The installation only requires a smaller boat with a crane or hoisting device that can support 500 kg one meter away from the side of the boat. The HELIX screw anchors generally only weigh around 100kg making them very easy to handle onboard the boat.

HELIX anchors are widely used in aquaculture operations such as mussel, oyster and fish farms as well as for marinas, navigational markings, floating breakwaters and other general mooring installations. Contact us regarding your needs and we will advise you regarding the most suitable options for your specific needs and site.