Carapax Marine Group manufacture and supply the European creel fishery sector with a complete range of fishing equipment. Our range of equipment includes creels and pots, hauling equipment, rope and floats.

The CARAPAX creel brand is well known for its innovative design, superiour catch frequency and sturdy quality. The product range is wide and targets a wide range of crustaceans, fish or snails, for commercial fishing or leisure, for ocean or lake fishing.

Our marine hauling equipment line NORTHLIFT supply a range of creel hauling equipment suitable for smaller to medium size boats. For further information please visit NORTHLIFTs dedicated website

With our brand CORDEMA we supply the creel fishing sector with a range of purpose developed ropes, chords and twine.

Contact us regarding your specific equipment needs and we will do our best to help you.

For more information, please download our product catalogue.
Carapax - Produktkatalog Fiske 2018/19 (SWE)